National security guidelines issued

February 4, 2021

The Education Bureau today issued circulars to schools to provide guidelines on school administration and education in relation to safeguarding national security.


The guidelines provide details about the mode of implementation and learning and teaching resources for national security education in the school curriculum.


The move aims to facilitate schools to implement measures to maintain a safe and orderly learning environment and promote national security education.


Schools should review as early as possible and devise appropriate measures in respect of planning and management, staff management, and other relevant areas to facilitate students' effective learning of national security, the bureau said.


It added that they should ensure all school staff uphold professional ethics, abide by the law and observe the code of conduct acceptable to society.


Schools should also step up the prevention and suppression of teaching or other school activities that are in breach of laws, prevent and deal with political or other illegal activities from permeating schools, and help students gain a correct understanding of the National Security Law and the important concepts covered by national security.


A number of specific measures, examples and templates are contained in the circular for schools' reference and follow-up.


The bureau will organise briefing sessions and professional development programmes for schools, and keep close contact with the education sector and provide it with timely support regarding implementation of the work concerned.


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