Tech park construction in progress

February 3, 2021

The Government said it is pressing ahead with the development of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation & Technology Park (HSITP) at the Lok Ma Chau Loop where supporting infrastructure and public facilities will be provided as early as possible.


Secretary for Development Michael Wong told legislators today that the provision of such infrastructure and facilities will not only support the HSITP's first phase development, but also cater for the needs of the second phase development at a later stage.


He explained that the site formation and infrastructure works currently in progress include land decontamination and site formation for the entire loop, the construction of a western connection road to connect Fanling/San Tin Highway and a direct road link to connect to the MTR Lok Ma Chau Station, a public transport interchange within the western part of the loop and most of the roads and cycle tracks therein.


There are also seven hectares of recreational facilities, about 13 hectares of ecological area, and a fresh water service reservoir and water supply system as well as sewage treatment works and a sewerage system which will be sufficient to support the development of the entire HSITP.


The sewage treatment works covered by the Government's public works programme are expected to finish in the second half of 2026, Mr Wong noted.


He added that temporary sewage treatment works are included in the first batch of the HSITP development to tie in with the gradual completion of its first batch of buildings at the end of 2024 when the western electricity substation, a fire station and ambulance depot are also scheduled to be completed.


Noting that the development near the loop is mainly the San Tin/Lok Ma Chau Development Node, which is currently under study, Mr Wong said more than 20 hectares of land near the loop in the Lok Ma Chau Control Point can be released for other uses if co-location arrangements can be implemented at the new Huanggang Port in Shenzhen.


The Government will carefully consider how to tie in the development with the HSITP to achieve synergy when planning the future development of such land area.

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