Govt reports COVID-19 cases

January 23, 2021

A constable posted to the Police College has preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19 and Hongkong Post reported a positive case and a preliminarily positive case involving a contract driver and a clerical staff, the Government announced today.


Police said a coronavirus test was arranged for the 40-year-old male police officer after a family member was suspected to have contracted the disease.


He last attended work on January 19, had no contact with the public and wore a face mask while on duty.


All police officers and civilian staff who might have come into contact with the officer concerned have been arranged to undergo COVID-19 testing.


Additionally, all facilities in the office concerned have been sterilised.


Police will maintain close communication with the Department of Health.


Hongkong Post said the driver concerned performs duties for the General Post Office Delivery Office and is responsible for transporting mail bags and postal staff between Central and Admiralty.


He does not work in the delivery office or come into contact with mail items or discharge any delivery duties.


The driver last attended work on January 22 and felt unwell that night. He sought medical treatment today and was notified of his positive test result after undergoing COVID-19 testing.


Nine staff who had contact with and the driver concerned and rode in the vehicle he used will be arranged to undergo COVID-19 testing.


The clerical staff concerned works on the first floor of the Air Mail Centre which is not used for processing mail.


His body temperature was normal during temperature screening at work and he consistently wore a mask.


He does not come into contact with the public as his working area is not open to the public.


He last attended work on January 20. He felt unwell that night and sought medical consultation from a private practitioner.


On January 22, he sought medical advice from a government clinic and underwent COVID-19 testing.


Those working on the same floor as the clerical staff concerned will be placed under quarantine after being identified as close contacts.


Hongkong Post will thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire Air Mail Centre and do the same at the car park on the ground floor of the General Post Office Delivery Office.

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