SJ explains counsel engagement

January 20, 2021

Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng today said the Department of Justice (DoJ) engaged an outside counsel due to the complexity of a case.


Ms Cheng made the statement this afternoon when speaking to reporters at the Legislative Council.


She pointed out that many good lawyers in Hong Kong can handle difficult cases, but the case concerned is very complicated.


“For this particular one, as stated in the judgment of Justice Poon, this is a very complicated and difficult case and also with the view that the laws in Hong Kong may be further developed, we had decided, and it was approved by the judge, to engage an outside counsel, David Perry, who of course is one of the top silks, a very formidable silk, from London.”


Ms Cheng noted that Mr Perry would no longer be involved in the case.


“He had expressed concerns about the pressures that we have seen in the media, in the UK community from all sides and also the question about quarantine that we have here in Hong Kong.


“For those reasons he has told us and indicated that we should proceed on schedule without him. That’s what we are doing, and that’s exactly how it has happened.”

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