HK to halt flights from the UK

December 21, 2020

(To watch the full press conference with sign language interpretation, click here.)


The Government today announced it will ban flights from the United Kingdom starting on December 22 in response to the new strain of COVID-19 found in the country.


People who have already arrived in Hong Kong from the UK will also be required to undergo quarantine for 21 days. 


At a press conference this afternoon, Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan said the move aims to stop the new virus strain from spreading to Hong Kong.


“In response to the new virus strain, we have immediately adopted some stringent new measures that include stopping people who have stayed for over two hours in the UK to board a flight to Hong Kong.


“So essentially, there will be no flights with passengers coming to Hong Kong starting midnight tonight and that will effectively ban all UK flights with passengers to Hong Kong.


“We have already discussed this new measure under Cap 599H with our Department of Justice colleagues and we think this is the way to go.”


Prof Chan said the measures on those who have already arrived from the UK will also be more stringent.


“For those returnees who have already arrived in Hong Kong from the UK, we have issued a compulsory testing notice last week to mandate all those returnees arriving on or after December 2 to undergo a compulsory COVID-19 testing on the 19th or 20th day.


“Furthermore, we have to stay extra vigilant. So all such returnees, as I've said earlier, will have to undergo an additional seven-day compulsory home quarantine.


“In other words, the returnees are not allowed to move around for a total of 21 days once they come back to Hong Kong. Otherwise, they will violate the law and will be fined a fixed penalty of $5,000. This measure will start to implement on December 22.” 

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