Govt opposes US official's remarks

December 19, 2020

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government today strongly objected to the remarks made by a US official regarding the 12 absconders.


It expressed strong dissatisfaction with the remarks which had totally disregarded the facts and confused what was right and wrong.


The Hong Kong SAR Government pointed out that the 12 absconders are wanted persons and suspected of committing various serious offences in Hong Kong.


The offences include suspicion of making or possessing explosives, arson, conspiracy to wound, riot, assault on a police officer, possession of offensive weapons, possession of an instrument fit for unlawful purpose, violation of the National Security Law in the city in relation to collusion with a foreign country or with external elements to endanger national security.


Ten of them have been charged and were released on court bail pending trial and not allowed to leave Hong Kong.


Instead of facing their legal liabilities in Hong Kong, they have chosen to flee through illegal means to evade their legal liabilities, the Hong Kong SAR Government said.


They were arrested in Mainland waters by the Mainland law enforcement agencies according to their laws for suspected illegal crossing of boundary. The Mainland authorities are handling the case in accordance with their legal system.


The Hong Kong SAR Government will not interfere with the law enforcement and judicial actions of other jurisdictions.


It added that after the offences committed by the 12 absconders on the Mainland have been dealt with in accordance with the law by the Mainland authorities, the Hong Kong SAR Government will ask for their return to Hong Kong where their suspected offences committed in Hong Kong are to be dealt with.


The Hong Kong SAR Government reiterated that anyone who violates the law should be responsible for his or her own behaviour and face justice, which is something any society that upholds the rule of law should do.


The actions taken by Hong Kong Police are aimed at illegal activities and have nothing to do with the political background of the people involved. The arrests were entirely made based on evidence and strictly according to the law.


Police have always handled all cases in a fair, just and impartial manner in accordance with the law.


The Hong Kong SAR Government also emphasised that Hong Kong has an independent judicial system, adding that anyone will receive a fair and just trial.


The Department of Justice has always made independent prosecutorial decisions based on evidence, applicable laws and in accordance with the Prosecution Code, free from any interference.

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