Ocean Park to synergise with Jumbo

November 27, 2020

(To watch the full press conference with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Edward Yau today said the rebirth of the Jumbo Floating Restaurant would help Ocean Park achieve synergy, allowing it to have better development.


Elaborating on the initiatives in the Policy Address at a press conference this morning, Mr Yau said the Government will invite non-governmental organisations to operate the floating restaurant on a non-profit-making basis through a tender exercise.


Noting that the restaurant is a historic landmark, Mr Yau said it has many development possibilities.


“I believe that for the revitalisation of the Jumbo Floating Restaurant, it is not necessary to confine it as being a restaurant per se.


“Actually, the floating boat has been quite well maintained and has its own character. It is well preserved and it also has sufficient space for a lot of activities.


“So the intention, I think, is for this iconic facility to be used for a wider community use.”


He thanked the owner of the iconic restaurant for donating it to Ocean Park, adding that the Government will discuss how to make use of the restaurant under the Invigorating Island South plan with the park.


“From the perspective of Ocean Park, they also see a synergy while they are finding ways to go beyond the boundary of the park. This includes how to make better use of the water body in its vicinity and how to ride on the tourist attractions - not just from the games within the park but also leverage on the cultural and historical resources and the scenic beauty around the area.”

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