Epidemic measures to be tightened

November 24, 2020

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


The Government has decided to tighten the social distancing measures and step up both mandatory and target group virus testing to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said today.


Mrs Lam made the announcement ahead of this morning’s Executive Council meeting.


She described the pandemic as being of a magnitude that has not been seen before.


“It is a major challenge for humanity all over the world, perhaps except our own country, which through very vigorous measures, has managed to control the pandemic and hence the economy has rebounded and other things have been happening.


“As far as Hong Kong is concerned, we continue in a very vigilant manner to fight the pandemic and also to introduce various measures that are necessary.”


The Chief Executive noted that the situation in Hong Kong is worsening and stricter social distancing measures are required.


“I have described to you how we will step up testing on a mandatory basis and also on a target group basis. I have also given you a preview that, later today, we will announce measures to tighten the social distancing measures in order to control the spread of the disease, especially in light of this big cluster arising from the dance halls.


“If our experts and our evidence - whether it is local or international - clearly show that there are more effective means to do it or we need to adjust our measures, then of course we will do it.”


Mrs Lam explained that confirmed cases reported per one million population, deaths reported per one million population and tests conducted per one million population are the three indicators used to show how a territory or country is handling the COVID-19 pandemic.


“If one looks at all those international statistical compilations, you will realise that Hong Kong is not doing badly at all.


“So let us have confidence in ourselves by putting in our best efforts, by Government taking the lead, and by individual citizens playing their part.


“This is still the time for avoiding close contact. This is still the time for not going into high-risk places. But if people do not comply, I will find it very difficult to manage the situation.”


Mrs Lam added the Government will never give up, as it concerns the health, safety and wellbeing of Hong Kong people.

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