Govt reports 3 COVID-19 cases

November 23, 2020

A Horticulture Unit staff officer, a water treatment works laboratory technician and a Customs outsourced security guard have tested positive for COVID-19, the Government said today.


The Horticulture Unit staff officer works on the sixth floor of Block 1 at the Housing Authority Headquarters in Ho Man Tin. The floor concerned is not open to the public.


The officer last performed her duties on November 20 and had worn a face mask. She also has no recent travel history.


The Water Supplies Department said the engineering laboratory technician last came to work on November 17. Her duties did not involve water treatment and there is no effect on drinking water safety, it added.


The security guard works at the Customs Headquarters Building and mainly performs supporting duties.


He last performed his duties on November 21 and had worn a mask. He also has no recent travel history.


The three departments said thorough cleaning and disinfection of the workplaces involved have been arranged.


They will maintain close contact with the Centre for Health Protection.


The departments also reminded staff members to be mindful of their personal hygiene.

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