Police holds passing-out parade

November 21, 2020
Ready to serve
Ready to serve:

Commissioner of Police Tang Ping-keung (second right) inspects the passing-out parade of probationary police officers.

The Police College held a parade today to mark the passing-out of 46 probationary inspectors and 127 recruit constables.


Speaking at the ceremony, Commissioner of Police Tang Ping-keung called on the graduates to apply wisdom, humanity and courage to safeguard Hong Kong.


Noting that the city experienced illegal and violent incidents over the past year, he said that with the perseverance and resolute law enforcement actions of police officers as well as public support, the community has gradually returned to normal.


While staying vigilant against the resurgence of violence, Police must rebuild a sense of security in the community and consolidate once more the public support, he added.


Mr Tang shared the verses of the Analects with graduates, reminding them to distinguish right from wrong and adhere to the people-based principle by handling cases in an honest, fair and just manner. He also urged them be wise, courageous and responsible officers.


The Police Commissioner explained that he is proud of being a policeman as the force stood firm in face of violence and the epidemic during the year, noting that Police have worked closely with the public to combat the virus and safeguard Hong Kong.


Mr Tang added that he is also proud of the graduates for having chosen to join the force when the law and order of the city is facing huge threat.

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