Alfred Sit meets catering trade

November 20, 2020
Soliciting support
Soliciting support:

Secretary for Innovation & Technology Alfred Sit (sixth right) attends a briefing on the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app for the catering sector.

Secretary for Innovation & Technology Alfred Sit today called on catering businesses to support the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app at a briefing session for the trade.


Lawmaker Tommy Cheung and representatives of catering chains attended the briefing.


Mr Sit encouraged catering businesses to join the scheme, display QR codes and posters at prominent positions and make it easy for the public to use the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app.


He pointed out that the mobile app enables users to keep a more precise record of their whereabouts under the new normal and fight the virus with the aid of technology.


Users with risk of exposure to the virus will be notified by the mobile app to enhance their vigilance.


It will make contact tracing more efficient and minimise the risk of further transmission of the virus, which in turn helps save both livelihoods and the economy, Mr Sit said.


Venue operators are welcome to apply for the venue QR code via the LeaveHomeSafe website or contact the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer by emailing [email protected]


There are nearly 12,000 public and private venues participating in the scheme. Among them, about 7,000 are public while nearly 5,000 are private venues. The mobile app can also be used directly in over 18,000 taxis.

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