Support for new app sought

November 13, 2020
Combined effort
Combined effort:

Secretary for Innovation & Technology Alfred Sit (front row, fourth left) introduces the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app to representatives from the wholesale and retail sectors.

Secretary for Innovation & Technology Alfred Sit today attended two briefing sessions for representatives from the wholesale and retail sectors as well as the beauty and massage industries to solicit their support for the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app and encouraged more businesses to join the scheme.


He noted that under the new normal, concerted efforts from various sectors are needed to fight the COVID-19 so that people will feel comfortable going out and the economy can regain its momentum.


There are currently over 6,000 public and private venues that have pledged support for the scheme. The mobile app can also be used directly in over 18,000 taxis.


The Government will continue to engage various sectors and businesses such as retail, shopping malls and property management to fight the virus together, Mr Sit said.


Additionally, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer has organised a number of briefing sessions in collaboration with relevant government departments to introduce the scheme to trade organisations from restaurants, bars or pubs, karaoke establishments, clubs, taxis, fitness centres, banks, cinemas and social welfare institutions.


The app will be available for download from November 16. It can assist the public in recording the date and time for checking into and leaving different venues, thereby encouraging them to keep a more precise record of their whereabouts to minimise the risk of further virus transmission.


User registration is not required for downloading the app. App users can check into the participating venues by scanning the QR code there to log their arrival time and click the app's "Leave" button to mark their departure.


Relevant data will then be kept in the app and will be erased automatically after 31 days.


If a confirmed case is later discovered at a participating venue, the app will notify users who have visited the venue at around the same time and provide health advice.



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