COVID-19 notification app launched

November 11, 2020

The Government announced today the launch of the LeaveHomeSafe COVID-19 exposure notification mobile app, which will be available for free public download from November 16.


Tapping technology to combat the pandemic, the app aims to encourage the public to keep a more precise record of their whereabouts, minimising the risk of further transmission of the virus and protecting Hong Kong together.


The app is characterised by voluntary participation and records visits at users' discretion.


App users can check into venues by scanning the QR code there to log their arrival time and clicking the app's "Leave" button to mark their departure.


If a confirmed case is later discovered at a participating venue, the app will notify users who have visited the venue at around the same time as well as provide health advice.


The app upholds the principle of protecting personal data privacy, and user registration is not required.


It will not use positioning services or any other data in the users' mobile phones. Venue check-in data will be encrypted and only saved on users' devices for 31 days. It will then be erased automatically.


There are currently over 6,000 public and private venues that have pledged support for the scheme.


The mobile app can also be used directly in over 18,000 taxis.


The development of the mobile app is led by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer.


The app supports iOS, Android and Huawei mobile devices.


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