US sanctions unacceptable

November 10, 2020

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Acting Chief Executive Matthew Cheung today said US sanctions against four Mainland and Hong Kong officials are absolutely unacceptable.


Speaking before the Executive Council meeting this morning, Mr Cheung called the sanctions barbaric.


“About US sanctions against four officials - two from the Mainland government and two from Hong Kong - we've stated our position clearly when the first batch of officials was sanctioned that it is absolutely unacceptable.


“This is blatant and grossly outrageous - I would use the word barbaric - interference in Hong Kong's internal affairs, in our motherland's internal affairs, in the Central People's Government's internal affairs. This is absolutely unreasonable and unacceptable.”


Mr Cheung pointed out that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is obligated to safeguard national security.


“We are doing our job to protect and safeguard Hong Kong's national security and the nation's security. It's incumbent on Hong Kong officials to do that, incumbent on Hong Kong people to safeguard national security.


“So we are not going to be intimidated by any of these actions. In fact, this is clearly breaching international practice, apart from international law.”

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