RTHK producer case explained

November 4, 2020

Secretary for Security John Lee said Police are investigating the case involving RTHK producer Bao Choy as a result of a complaint.


Ms Bao was arrested yesterday on suspicion of making false declarations to conduct a vehicle registration search.

Speaking after attending the Legislative Council meeting today, Mr Lee refuted suggestions that the case was targeting the media industry, saying that the way it is being handled is in line with the force's usual practice when it receives complaints.


“It is a case which is investigated as a result of a complaint. If Police receive a complaint, they have to act accordingly and investigate according to what the complaint is all about.


“It is a reactive investigation as a result of a complaint. It is the case's circumstances which decide which is the subject of investigation.


“This is no different from any investigation that Police have been doing as a result of a complaint.”

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