Passport collection enhancements set

October 29, 2020

The Immigration Department today announced that it will implement two enhanced measures to enable the collection of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passports from tomorrow.


The department said it will introduce the new Passport Collection Kiosk by phases.


In addition to the existing collection means, which are service counters at the department's headquarters and Immigration Branch Offices, applicants may choose to collect their passports at the new kiosks installed at Immigration Headquarters and West Kowloon Office in a self-service manner.


Those who opt to collect passports at the kiosks will receive an SMS notification for the collection arrangement.


Upon collection, applicants will be required to verify their identities via their Hong Kong permanent identity cards and fingerprints.


If applicants hold electronic passports of the previous generation or Electronic Document of Identity for Visa Purposes, they should insert it into the kiosk for cancellation. After cancellation, previous travel documents will be returned and new passports will be issued.


The department will also introduce a new measure on the collection of passports overseas.


Under the new measure, local or overseas applicants who submit applications directly to the department, including in person, by post, drop-in, through the Internet, ImmD Mobile Application or Travel Document Submission Kiosks, may choose to collect their passports at the Chinese Diplomatic & Consular Missions.


The normal processing time is five working days after receiving all necessary documents.


Applicants are also encouraged to submit passport applications through the department's mobile application.


Click here for details on the Passport Collection Kiosk and travel document cancellation.

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