Dine-in measures to be relaxed

October 27, 2020

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


The Government today announced social distancing measures will be further relaxed from October 30 to November 5, including raising the maximum number of people allowed to be seated together at one table in restaurants and bars.


Announcing the measures at a media session this afternoon, Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan said the Government decided to continue relaxing social distancing measures imposed under the Prevention & Control of Disease Ordinance in a gradual and orderly manner.


“First, dine-in services will be allowed at all catering business premises until 2am.


“Second, the number of persons that may be seated together at one table will be increased from four to six for catering business premises except bars or pubs, and from two to four for bars and pubs or nightclubs.


“Third, members of the public must only take off their mask to consume food or drink at the table, but not at any other places within bars or pubs and clubs and nightclubs. In other words, a person must not eat or drink and must wear a mask when he or she is away from the table.


“Fourth, live performances and dancing activities will be allowed to take place in catering business premises and clubs and nightclubs, subject to the implementation of suitable infection prevention and control measures.


“Fifth, members of the public are not required to wear masks when doing exercise in indoor sports premises or public skating rinks.


“And finally, the total number of people allowed in catering business premises including bars and pubs, public entertainment venues including theme parks, performance venues, nightclubs and swimming pools will be increased from 50% to 75% of the capacity of the respective premises.”


Unless exempted, the prohibition on group gatherings of more than four people in public places will continue during the above seven-day period, while the requirement to wear masks when on public transport and in all public places will remain in effect.

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