Testing centre registration explained

October 18, 2020

The Government today said staff at the Yau Tsim Mong Temporary Testing Centre would offer assistance to participants who could not provide mobile phone numbers for registration to facilitate them to receive COVID-19 tests.


In response to media enquiries on the registration arrangements at the testing centre, it noted that to facilitate testing by members of the public, they were able to visit the centre directly for registration without the need for a prior online appointment. An SMS message will be sent to the participant's registered mobile number when a test result is available.


With the assistance of staff, several people who were unable to provide their mobile phone numbers today still successfully had the test done.


The Government said it will review the relevant procedures and guidelines so that the arrangements could be improved for any similar exercise in the future.


After the temporary testing centre ceased operation, people could still obtain deep throat saliva specimen collection packs at the 46 Hospital Authority general out-patient clinics for free COVID-19 tests, it added.

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