Rules on skating rinks to be eased

October 6, 2020

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


The Government today announced that the social distancing measures will be maintained until October 15 and rules on team sports held at public skating rinks will be eased.


At a media session in the afternoon, Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan explained the rationale behind the Government’s decision.


“First of all, we have noticed in the current COVID-19 situation there are unlinked cases that we found in the past one or two weeks.


“Further to the lowering of the number of these cases, it has not continued to decrease, but instead it has increased. That's why we want to maintain, by and large in the coming week, our social distancing measures.”


From October 9 to 15, the requirements and restrictions in relation to catering and scheduled premises will be largely maintained, including the suspension or prohibition of activities and facilities involving higher health risks such as dancing, steam and sauna facilities and ball pits.


But the latest directions will allow team sports at public skating rinks with more than four participants based on the particular team sports activities.


Unless exempted, the prohibition on group gatherings of more than four people in public places will continue during the above seven-day period.


The requirement for wearing a mask at all times when on public transport and in all public places will also remain in effect.


Prof Chan appealed to members of the public to maintain vigilance, personal hygiene and social distancing.


She added the Government will take enforcement actions against bars and catering businesses that fail to comply with the regulations.

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