Green hiking campaign launched

September 26, 2020

The Environmental Protection Department launched a three-month Green Hiking Etiquette Campaign to strengthen the promotion of the Leave No Trace at Mountain & Sea messages.


The Environment Bureau today said with the easing of the COVID-19 epidemic situation and the Government relaxation of the mask-wearing requirement in outdoor public places like country parks, in addition to the arrival of autumn, more hikers are expected in the countryside.


To minimise the impact on the rural environment due to the increasing number of visits, the department has joined forces with four local non-profit-making organisations to launch the campaign to raise public awareness on nature conservation.


The campaign ties in with the bureau’s Green Employment Scheme in which, through time-limited jobs created by the organisations, green ambassadors have been employed to promote green hiking etiquette to the public at five popular hiking spots on weekends between September 12 and mid-December.


The hiking spots include Robin's Nest, Tai Lam Chung, Tai O, the Tsing Yi Nature Trails and the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail.


The green ambassadors spread the key messages of Leave No Trace at Mountain & Sea to the public, such as "take your litter home", "bring your own bottle to reduce single-use plastic consumables" and "properly dispose of masks".


Interactive promotional approaches have been adopted to attract attention and make an impression.


Information on local scenery, ecological habitats, biodiversity and the unique features of the hiking spots are also provided by the ambassadors to visitors.


The campaign helps promote conservation of the environment and ecology in the countryside as well.


The Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department has also made arrangements to promote green hiking etiquette, waste reduction and nature conservation in popular hiking locations inside country parks, with a view to fostering a good hiking and outing culture.


People are reminded to maintain an appropriate social distance in countryside public places to prevent the spread of disease, in addition to maintaining proper green hiking etiquette.

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