Govt news subscription explained

September 24, 2020

The Information Services Department (ISD) said its Government News & Media Information System (GNMIS) has 206 subscribers as of today, including more than 30 online-only media.


The department made the remarks in response to media enquiries on the system today.


It said GNMIS is an online portal to provide a platform integrating all government press releases, broadcasts, photographs and video clips for the media.


Subscribers receive media invitations from ISD and government bureaus or departments through GNMIS.


Only GNMIS subscribers are invited and admitted to the Government's press conferences or media events.


Subscribers must be mass news media organisations whose principal business is the regular reporting of original news for dissemination to the general public. Eligible mass news media organisations including online-only media can apply to subscribe.


Current GNMIS subscribers are local and Hong Kong-based overseas newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations, news agencies and online media.


ISD introduced an arrangement on September 19, 2017, to allow admission of eligible online-only media to government press conferences and media events and that is still in place today.

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