Smart recycling pilot scheme starts

September 19, 2020

The Environmental Protection Department has launched a pilot programme for a smart recycling system to promote smart city development.


The pilot programme introduces smart recycling facilities in the community progressively to assess the local application of such a system.


During the initial phase, the smart recycling system will be installed on a Community Smart Recycling Vehicle for collecting the four most common recyclables including waste paper, plastic, metal and glass.


The vehicle is currently touring around various districts for the public to visit and try out the new system. The department’s outreach teams will introduce the programme and smart recycling procedures on-site.


Unlike traditional recycling bins, the smart system can automatically measure and record the weight of recyclables collected and has an overflow alert installed to enhance bin usage and management efficiency.


The smart bin’s door is electrically operated, and the number of recycling bins and types of recycling materials can be flexibly combined.


In the pilot’s next phase, the smart recycling system will also be set up in the Eastern and Tuen Mun community green stations and two Community Recycling Centres and people can earn electronic bonus points for gift redemption through the system.


After completing the community tour, the vehicle will also start operating as a mobile smart recycling point to provide recyclables collection services on fixed destination and time schedules.

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