Untrue report rejected

August 21, 2020

In response to an untrue report, the Immigration Department today stressed it strictly follows relevant provisions under the Immigration (Treatment of Detainees) Order to ensure that detainees are treated fairly and properly.


The department expressed deep regrets over the report on the Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre.


In a statement, the department said all detainees at the centre can be visited by relatives and friends. During the visits, detainees at the centre can receive hand-in articles, including food, daily necessities, private clothes, and magazines. The centre also provides adequate food for detainees free of charge.


Currently, 11 detainees at the centre continue to not collect meals. A handful of them had at one point stopped consuming milk tea, milk and water provided by the centre but all of them have now resumed taking the beverages.


The department's staff have been closely monitoring the health conditions of the detainees concerned. Medical professionals on duty round the clock have conducted medical examinations on them. So far, most of the detainees' blood glucose levels are normal and they are emotionally stable.


The department strongly condemned those who have repeatedly fabricated groundless and unfair accusations alleging that its staff have inhumanely treated detainees.


It pointed out these allegations are void of objective facts and justifications to challenge the legality of the detention decision and have no regard to the fact that some of the detainees may pose security risks to the community.

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