Mid-year population at 7.5m

August 13, 2020

Hong Kong’s population reached 7,509,200 at the middle of the year, virtually unchanged when compared with that at mid-2019, the Census & Statistics Department announced today.


There were 49,500 births and 48,900 deaths, resulting in a natural population increase of 600.


There was also an inflow of 22,100 one-way permit holders and a net outflow of 20,900 other Hong Kong residents, resulting in a net movement of 1,200 people.


As passenger clearance services at Lo Wu Control Point had been suspended since February 4 due to the epidemic, the inflow of one-way permit holders dropped significantly by 50.2% when compared with the 44,400 during the same period a year ago.


The number of usual residents was 7,355,800, while that of mobile residents was 153,400.

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