Police act according to the law

August 10, 2020

The Security Bureau said today that no one is above the law and any person who violates the law must face justice regardless of their status or background.


The bureau made the statement in response to media enquiries on Police's operation and relevant investigations.


While stating it would not comment on operation details, the bureau emphasised that Police will not adopt a tolerant attitude and will take resolute enforcement action in accordance with the law.


In respect of any illegal acts, Police have the responsibility to make their best effort to gather evidence and will act in accordance with the laws and procedures, the bureau explained.


For evidence-gathering in premises, Police have applied for search warrants from the court in accordance with the law and relevant procedures, and will carry out searches according to the authorisation under the warrant obtained, it added.


The bureau noted that Police always carry out search applications and operations based on investigation need, which is both lawful and reasonable.


Upon the promulgation and coming into effect of the National Security Law, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government established the Police National Security Department and has been proactively implementing the legal system and enforcement mechanism for safeguarding national security.


The Security Bureau added that it staunchly pushes forward and supports the enforcement work of Police in taking lawful measures to prevent, suppress and punish acts and activities endangering national security with a view to safeguarding national security and bringing Hong Kong back on the right track.

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