Testing for transport sector extended

August 10, 2020

The Transport Department today announced that the COVID-19 testing service for taxi and public light bus drivers will be extended to employees of ferry operators, the Mass Transit Railway Corporation and Hong Kong Tramways from August 11.


Employees of ferry operators should bring their valid Hong Kong identity cards along with their staff identity cards or letters issued by their employers to the designated distribution points at designated time periods to collect the swab self-sampling kits without prior telephone booking.


They should return the specimens to the collection points as soon as possible after completion of self-sampling.


The testing service contractor will send the specimens to laboratories for testing.


Taxi and public light bus drivers who did not undergo the testing in the past two phases can also participate.


MTR Corporation and Hong Kong Tramways’ employees will arrange with their operating staff for distribution and collection of the testing kits. They will also liaise with the contractor to collect the specimens for testing.


The test is voluntary and free of charge. Each participant can conduct the test once only.


The contractor will not retain the personal data of participants. If a participant's test result is positive, the contractor will notify the department of the specimen serial number.


For a specimen serial number which belongs to a taxi or public light bus driver or an employee of a ferry operator, the department will relay details of the participant concerned to the Centre for Health Protection for follow-up.


For a specimen serial number that belongs to an employee of the MTR Corporation and Hong Kong Tramways, the department will notify the company concerned to relay their employee's information directly to the centre.


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