Govt reports 2 COVID-19 cases

August 9, 2020

The Government today said an officer at the Police Tactical Unit (PTU) preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19 and an outsourced security guard with the Housing Department has tested positive for the virus.


The 23-year-old police constable last performed duties on August 7. He went for a virus test at a designated clinic on August 8 and tested positive.


Police said the officer is receiving training in the PTU and had not performed any duties requiring contact with members of the public.


Colleagues that might have come into close contact with the patient have been arranged to work from home and undergo virus tests.


Police have deployed staff to clean and disinfect premises where the officer received training.


It also reminded all colleagues to maintain personal hygiene, reduce social contact and seek medical attention if feeling unwell.


Meanwhile, a female security guard employed by the Housing Department’s car park contractor tested positive for COVID-19.


She works at Fu Keung Court car park in Wong Tai Sin and is responsible for patrolling and handling enquiries in the shroff office at night. She last worked on August 5.


The whole car park building, including the shroff office and the rooftop garden, has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.


Police and the Housing Department will continue to keep close liaison with the Centre for Health Protection and co-operate with its quarantine work.

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