Virus test scheme for FDHs launched

August 9, 2020

The Labour Department today launched a free, one-off COVID-19 testing service for all foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) staying in boarding facilities of employment agencies (EAs).


The testing agency will deliver specimen bottles in batches to licensed EAs providing boarding facilities to FDHs to collect deep throat saliva samples from foreign helpers.


The department will arrange for the testing agency to distribute specimen bottles to the EAs concerned for sample collection and collect the specimens within two days for testing.


Cases with a positive result will be relayed to the Centre for Health Protection for follow-up.


The testing agency will pass a testing record form to EAs along with the specimen bottles. EAs should fill out the form and send it back to the department on the day the specimens are collected or the day after.


The testing agency will contact the relevant EAs before sending staff there.


The virus testing is voluntary. The department appealed to relevant FDHs to participate in the testing scheme and continue to maintain personal and environmental hygiene, and to EAs to strengthen health protection in boarding facilities.


For scheme details, call the hotline of testing agency Prenetics at 3008 8319 or contact the department via email.

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