Crime rises 27.9%

July 29, 2020

The number of crimes recorded in the first half of 2020 was 32,345, a 27.9% increase when compared with the same period in 2019.


Reviewing the law and order situation in Hong Kong today, Police said there were 4,507 violent crime cases, a 13.5% increase over the same period last year.


The increase was attributed to crimes arising from incidents relating to the anti-extradition amendment bill, including a 7.1-fold hike in offences against public order, an 85.2% increase in arson cases and a 38.8% hike in criminal damage cases.


Other major crimes that registered a rise comprise deception, robbery, burglary and theft cases.


Nevertheless, by comparing the crime figure of the first half of this year with that of the second half of 2019, overall crime dropped slightly by 4.9%.


Crimes in relation to the anti-extradition bill incidents such as arson, criminal damage and offences against public order recorded a 30% to 80% drop.


As of June 30, a total of 9,216 people were arrested in connection with bill-related incidents. Of them, 3,725 were students, comprising post-secondary students (55%) and secondary students (45%).


Since June last year, protests have become increasingly violent with November seeing riots taking place at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Polytechnic University where the number of petrol bombs hurled and level of violence used by rioters on the campuses were unprecedented.


Moreover, there were extremely violent groups using genuine firearms and explosives intended to kill police officers or force the Government to accede to their so-called “demands”. Police arrested 83 people in connection with 15 explosives and five genuine firearms cases arising from the anti-extradition bill-related incidents.


Police emphasised that due to its strict law enforcement, the current situation in Hong Kong has greatly improved when compared with the frequent violence that occurred in the city more than half a year ago.


To further prevent, suppress and impose punishment on criminal acts which endanger national security, the National Security Law came in force from June 30, 2020. It clearly stipulates the relevant offences that include acts of secession, subversion of state power, terrorist activities, and collusion with foreign or external forces to endanger national security.


With the establishment of the Police National Security Department on July 1, Police will stringently enforce the law and conduct investigations to ensure its effective implementation in Hong Kong.

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