2 markets close early for disinfection

July 24, 2020

As some new COVID-19 cases were found to be related to Hung Hom and To Kwa Wan markets, the Food & Environmental Hygiene Department said it immediately cleaned and disinfected areas used by patients.


Both markets were closed early today for deep cleaning and disinfection.


The department’s staff will thoroughly clean and disinfect communal areas and facilities in the markets and call for tenants’ co-operation to do the same at their stalls to improve hygiene.


It will also carry out deep cleaning work at the periphery of the markets and nearby streets.


The department said it attaches importance to the hygiene of public markets, adding that service contractors arrange regular cleaning work during the day and conduct thorough cleaning in all markets after they close.


During the epidemic period, the department has been cleaning and disinfecting communal areas and facilities in the markets, including toilets, escalators, elevators and stair handrails, with diluted household bleach regularly.


Disinfectant hand sanitisers are also provided in the markets for public use.


The department will continue to monitor the situation of each market closely and conduct deep cleaning and disinfection if necessary.

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