Good results for young inmates

July 22, 2020

Nine youngsters in custody have obtained level two or above in 30 papers of this year's Diploma of Secondary Education Examination.


They are in custody at Pik Uk, Cape Collinson and Lai King correctional institutions.


One candidate at Cape Collinson Correctional Institution scored the highest result, with 20 marks overall in the six papers taken, meeting the general entrance requirements for local universities.


Another candidate at Pik Uk Correctional Institution, who obtained 23 marks in six subjects but only attained level 2 in English last year, retook English and achieved level 3 in this year's examination, enabling him to meet the entrance requirements for local universities.


The exams were based on the four core subjects of Chinese, English, mathematics and liberal studies, along with the two electives of economics and tourism, and hospitality studies.


Correctional Services Department Assistant Commissioner (Rehabilitation) Wan Ming-ki encouraged young inmates to seize the chance to study and strive for a better future.


He also called on the public to give rehabilitated offenders equal opportunities and support their reintegration in society.

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