New foreign helper visa rules set

July 21, 2020

The Immigration Department will implement a new arrangement on applications for foreign domestic helper visas to tie in with the Government’s measures of imposing conditions on travellers who visited specified high-risk places within 14 days before arrival in Hong Kong.


The specifications to impose conditions based on public health grounds on travellers who have visited Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines and South Africa within 14 days before arrival in Hong Kong will come into effect on July 25.


With immediate effect, employers applying for a visa for their foreign domestic helpers, including those applications submitted but pending approval or issuance of visas, will be required to sign an undertaking to indicate that they will arrange for a COVID-19 test and hotel quarantine for their foreign domestic helpers, and be responsible for the relevant costs if their helpers are arriving on or after July 25.


If employers are found to have breached the undertaking, their foreign domestic helpers may be denied entry into Hong Kong and future applications from those employers for employing a foreign domestic helper may be refused.


Employers can download the undertaking online or obtain it from the department’s headquarters and Immigration Branch Offices.


Call 2824 6111 for enquiries on foreign domestic helper visa applications or 2157 9537 for enquiries on employment rights and benefits.

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