Property sector virus testing set

July 20, 2020
Free testing
Free testing:

Property management workers submit their deep throat saliva samples for COVID-19 testing.

The Home Affairs Department in conjunction with the Association of Property Management Companies today launched Community Testing of COVID-19 for Frontline Property Management Workers to arrange a one-off free virus testing service for frontline property management workers, including security and cleansing workers.


The department said the Government has decided to provide virus testing for high-risk groups to safeguard public health, given that the epidemic situation has become severe since early July.


Around 100,000 property management workers serving private residential, commercial, industrial and composite buildings, and more than 60,000 working in buildings under different government departments, the Housing Authority and the Housing Society can take the test on a voluntary basis.


The testing agency will deliver specimen bottles to relevant buildings for collecting deep throat saliva samples and collect the samples in the following couple of days for testing. Cases with positive results will be relayed to the Centre for Health Protection for follow-up.


The testing costs incurred will be fully covered by the Anti-epidemic Fund.


Those who serve residential and commercial buildings, shopping malls and relevant facilities in Kowloon East will be given higher priority for virus testing.


The testing agency distributed specimen bottles in Yau Tong last Friday and collected the specimens for testing today.


For enquiries, call 2186 6101.

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