12 markets to be disinfected

July 18, 2020

The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department today said that 12 public markets in Kowloon will close earlier for deep cleaning and disinfection in the coming days.


As some recent confirmed COVID-19 cases were found to be related to markets, the department said it has already further enhanced cleaning and disinfection at its markets.


Upon learning that there were confirmed cases related to Ngau Chi Wan Market and Pei Ho Street Market, the department arranged for the early closure of the two facilities on July 17 for deep cleaning and disinfection.


It will arrange for 12 public markets in Kowloon to be closed an hour earlier at 7pm for deep cleaning and disinfection in the coming days as a precautionary measure.


Deep cleaning work will also be carried out on the periphery of these markets and nearby streets. The cleaning work is expected to last about four hours.


The department said it attaches importance to the hygiene of public markets.


On top of regular cleaning work in the daytime, service contractors also conduct thorough cleaning in all markets after they close every day.


In light of the epidemic situation, the department has already stepped up cleaning and disinfection of communal areas and facilities in markets, including toilets, escalators, elevators and stair handrails.


The department will closely monitor the situation of its markets and conduct enhanced cleaning work where necessary to maintain environmental hygiene and safeguard the health and safety of market stall tenants and the public.

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