Immigration officer virus case probed

July 11, 2020

A 27-year-old male acting Senior Immigration Assistant stationed at the Shenzhen Bay Control Point has preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19, the Immigration Department said today.


The officer concerned is mainly responsible for conducting immigration clearance for passengers at the control point. He has been wearing a mask when performing duties, his body temperature was normal and he followed relevant disease prevention measures at work.


He last performed his duties on July 8 and took scheduled leave on July 9 and 10.


He sought medical treatment at a government clinic on July 9 and submitted a test sample the following day. He was notified of the preliminarily positive test result late last night and was sent to the hospital for treatment this morning.


He has no recent travel history and his workplace has been fully sterilised.


The Centre for Health Protection is investigating the cause of his infection and whether he has been in close contact with other people.


The department emphasised that it has been strictly implementing various disease prevention measures, including measuring body temperature of staff before commencing duties, providing masks and other protective equipment, requiring employees to wear masks when performing duties, and stepping up cleaning and sterilising measures at work.


It explained that it has reminded all staff to pay attention to personal hygiene and stay vigilant, adding it will maintain close liaison with the centre and co-operate with the centre's quarantine work.

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