Hospitals to step up infection control

July 7, 2020

Public hospitals will enhance infection control measures to combat the next wave of epidemic, the Hospital Authority announced today.


The move came amid a number of confirmed COVID-19 local cases with unknown sources of infection and the increased risk of community outbreak.


Accident and emergency departments’ triage and test centres will be reinstated in public hospitals tomorrow. Suspected cases with stable condition will be tested and wait at a designated area for test results, while being segregated from other patients of A&E departments.


The authority will defer scheduled annual maintenance works for isolation facilities to ensure sufficient first-tier isolation facilities to admit suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients. Public hospitals will also review the readiness of the second-tier isolation wards for possible admission of recovering patients with stable condition.


The pace of resuming non-emergency services will be adjusted to reduce the flow of people within public hospitals.


The authority said the current stockpile of personal protective equipment will be adequate for around three months' usage. It will continue to procure the required personal protective equipment, drugs and test kits.


Noting the outbreak in an elderly home in Tsz Wan Shan, the authority will suspend from Thursday the special visiting arrangement implemented earlier in non-acute hospitals to minimise the infection risks of inpatients. Compassionate arrangements and video-visiting will be made as far as practicable.


The authority appealed for public understanding and cooperation, and reminded all healthcare staff to stay vigilant.

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