National security law vital

July 7, 2020

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Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said the national security law is a very important piece of legislation and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government will vigorously implement it.


Ahead of the Executive Council meeting this morning, Mrs Lam told reporters that the Hong Kong SAR Government has taken swift actions to implement the national security law since it took effect on June 30.


Mrs Lam said the national security committee, which she chairs, held its first meeting on July 6, with the National Security Adviser appointed by the central government Luo Huining in attendance.


She pointed out that specialised enforcement and prosecution departments in Police and the Department of Justice have been set up.


On key personnel appointments, Chief Executive's Office Director Chan Kwok-ki has been appointed as the committee’s Secretary General, while Edwina Lau has been appointed as the head of Police’s department for safeguarding national security, she said.


The first batch of designated judges at the magistracy level has also been appointed to handle the first case of offence brought under the law. 


Additionally, the committee made implementation rules for Police to carry out the seven measures under Article 43 of the law.


Mrs Lam said: “The central government has placed full trust and faith in the Hong Kong SAR. So the Hong Kong SAR Government will vigorously implement this law.


“I forewarn those radicals not to attempt to violate this law or cross the red line because the consequences of breaching this law are very serious.”


She noted the way the law has been enacted is different from local legislation and that it is understandable that Hong Kong people have concerns or queries about the content of the law as well as its implementation.


"We will do our utmost to explain to the people of Hong Kong what this law is all about.


"What this law is all about is very simple. It aims to prevent, curb and punish four types of acts and activities that will endanger national security of the country and also of course, in Hong Kong.


"It only targets a very small minority of people who breach the law. At the same time, it will protect the overwhelming majority of Hong Kong citizens in exercising their legitimate rights and freedoms."


The Chief Executive added she is pleased that there is an increasing appreciation of the law’s positive effect, particularly in restoring stability in Hong Kong as reflected by recent market sentiment.


“Surely this is not doom and gloom for Hong Kong. I am sure with the passage of time and effort and the facts being laid out, confidence will grow in 'one country, two systems' and in Hong Kong's future."

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