5 COVID-19 cases reported

July 3, 2020

The Centre for Health Protection today said it is investigating five additional confirmed COVID-19 cases, taking the number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong to 1,247.


The cases involve one male and four females aged between three and 49. All of them had travelled during the incubation period.


As the number of inbound travellers at Hong Kong International Airport has substantially increased recently, the Department of Health considered it necessary to adjust the test result waiting arrangements according to the daily number of inbound travellers after reviewing the maximum capacity of the result waiting area at the Temporary Specimen Collection Centre at AsiaWorld-Expo and the Holding Centre for Test Result at the Regal Oriental Hotel.


If the day's number of inbound travellers is expected to exceed the capacity of both centres, the department will adopt a triage measure based on risk assessment.


Passengers arriving from lower risk areas will proceed to the designated place for the 14-day compulsory quarantine after collecting their deep throat saliva samples at AsiaWorld-Expo.


The department urged inbound travellers to allow flexibility for arrangements upon their arrival.


The centre again called on members of the public to maintain an appropriate social distance from other people to minimise the risk of infection.


People should go out less and avoid social activities such as having meals out or other gatherings to minimise the risk of coronavirus clusters emerging in the community.


As the COVID-19 situation remains severe and the number of cases reported around the world continues to rise, people are strongly advised to avoid all non-essential travel outside Hong Kong as well as maintain strict personal and environmental hygiene at all times.


Additionally, the Hospital Authority reported that 111 confirmed COVID-19 patients are currently hospitalised and 1,125 confirmed and suspected patients have been discharged.


For information and health advice on COVID-19, visit the Government's dedicated webpage.

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