Mask collection authorisation plan set

July 3, 2020

Hong Kong citizens may authorise others to collect the CuMask on their behalf at post offices from July 6 to 15, the Innovation & Technology Bureau announced today.


When collecting the mask on behalf of the authoriser, the authorisee must show to post office staff the authoriser's Hong Kong identity card (HKID) copy, either a photocopy or electronic one, and the original or a copy of the authorisation letter signed by the authoriser.


The authorisation letter should include the authoriser’s name and HKID number and the authorisee’s name and HKID number, and specify that the authorisation is for collection of an adult-sized CuMask.


The authorisee would also need to show to the staff their original HKID to prove their identity.


Residents living in public rental housing estates under the Housing Authority and rental estates under the Housing Society may also authorise others to collect the masks on their behalf at respective estate management offices.


The authorisee must show to the staff the original of the unit's tenancy agreement in which the authoriser resides and a copy of the authoriser's HKID. There is no need to present a separate authorisation letter.


The authorisee would also need to show to the staff their original HKID to prove their identity.


The staff will input the authoriser’s HKID number in a computer or handheld device and provide an adult-sized CuMask to the authorisee once they confirm the authoriser has not obtained one before.


Each authorisee can collect a maximum of two masks on behalf of others on each occasion.


The bureau emphasised that these computers and handheld devices will not store HKID numbers or other personal data.


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