Citizens must abide by security law

July 1, 2020

(To watch the full press conference with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Secretary for Security John Lee said today that the National Security Law in Hong Kong is already in effect and the public must abide by it.


Mr Lee made the statement when questioned by the media about the handling of arrests made on the first full day of the implementation of the new law.


“When the law is promulgated, it becomes an effective law in Hong Kong. When it becomes an effective law in Hong Kong, everybody has to abide by it.


"We have established this new department to deal with this piece of new legislation. Police will handle it in accordance with the law.


“In regard to detention, there is no provision in this national security law to change the procedure or law regarding detention. So we'll handle it in the way as it is stated in the present law.”


Mr Lee added that the department tasked with handling such cases will be extra careful when discharging their duty.


“In relation to national security matters, the targets that we are dealing with are likely to be state-level opponents. Their abilities, their methods and their experience, in this regard, are something that we must take good care of in order to ensure that we can sufficiently discharge our duty."

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