Disciplined services welcome law

June 30, 2020

Secretary for Security John Lee together with the heads of six disciplined services departments welcomed the passage of The Law of the People's Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region today by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.


Mr Lee, Commissioner of Police Tang Ping-keung, Commissioner of Customs & Excise Hermes Tang, Commissioner of Correctional Services Woo Ying-ming, Director of Fire Services Joseph Leung, Director of Immigration Au Ka-wang and Controller of the Government Flying Service Wu Wai-hung pledged full support for the effective implementation of the law in Hong Kong.


The security chief said that he will lead the disciplinary forces to fully discharge their due responsibilities to implement the national security law, striving to safeguard national security, ensuring the continued success of "one country, two systems", restoring social peace and preserving Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability.


The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government will soon promulgate the national security law to prevent, curb and punish criminal acts of secession, subversion of state power, terrorist activities and collusion with foreign or external forces to endanger national security.


The law will only target an extremely small minority of offenders, while the life and property of the overwhelming majority of Hong Kong citizens, as well as their legitimate and fundamental rights and freedoms, will be protected.


As required in the national security law, the Hong Kong SAR Government will establish as soon as possible the Committee for Safeguarding National Security to be chaired by the Chief Executive with members including the Secretary for Security, the Commissioner of Police, the head of the Hong Kong Police Force's dedicated unit for safeguarding national security, the Director of Immigration and the Commissioner of Customs & Excise.


Mr Lee said he and all disciplinary forces will render full support to the national security law's implementation.


The Security Bureau is establishing an enforcement mechanism for effectively safeguarding national security. The dedicated police unit being set up will be equipped with effective enforcement power to discharge the enforcement duties under the national security law.


The other five disciplinary forces will also fully assist in their respective professional areas in collaboration with Police in carrying out work in safeguarding national security.


"The formulation of the law on safeguarding national security in the Hong Kong SAR at a state level shows that the central authorities have taken Hong Kong's practical situation into consideration. The law's enactment helps Hong Kong restore stability and put the economy back on track, allowing Hong Kong to ride out the difficult times and safeguarding its long-term prosperity and stability.


"I will lead all disciplinary forces to fully and resolutely support the implementation of the national security law, ensuring that the law comes into force effectively," Mr Lee added.

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