Aid for subdivided unit households set

June 30, 2020

The Community Care Fund today rolled out an assistance programme to improve the living environment of low-income households residing in subdivided units and strengthen their connection with community services or resources.


The two-year programme is administered by the Social Welfare Department and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service has been entrusted as the service provider to co-ordinate the implementation of the programme and partner with non-governmental organisations which will act as agents to implement it.


Eligible households will be entitled to a one-off subsidy according to the number of their household members.


The ceiling of the subsidy is $8,500 for one-person households, $10,000 for two-person households, $11,500 for three-person households and $13,000 for households of four or more members.


The subsidy can be used for minor improvement or repair works, purchasing furniture and household goods and pest control services.


The programme is expected to benefit 24,000 subdivided unit households.


Beneficiary households should be living in subdivided units, meet the income requirement and have at least one household member who is a Hong Kong resident.


Households currently receiving assistance from the six existing welfare schemes will be eligible for the programme.


These six schemes are the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme, Normal Old Age Living Allowance and Higher Old Age Living Allowance, Working Family Allowance Scheme, Individual-based Work Incentive Transport Subsidy Scheme, School Textbook Assistance Scheme and Kindergarten & Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme.


The programme also covers low-income subdivided unit households currently not receiving assistance from these six schemes. The income limits are set at 75% of the median monthly domestic household incomes of economically active households.


Approved agents will process applications and conduct home visits to assess applicants' home environment.


The subsidy can be used within the six-month effective period starting from the submission of the completed application form with all necessary documents.


Approved agents will discuss with and assist households in selecting and placing orders for the goods and services required.


Agents will also introduce poverty alleviation measures as well as community services and resources to subdivided unit households.


Call 2876 2461 or 3422 3090 for enquiries.

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