Helper flexibility measures extended

June 30, 2020

Given the latest development of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government today announced that the previous flexibility arrangement to assist foreign domestic helpers (FDH) and their employers will be extended with immediate effect.


The Commissioner for Labour has given in-principle consent for all FDH contracts that will expire on or before September 30 to be extended to October 31, on the basis that this is mutually agreed upon by both the employer and helper.


If the contract with the current FDHs has already been extended under the flexibility arrangement announced on February 4 or March 19, employers may still apply to further extend their helpers' period of stay up to October 31.


The flexibility arrangement will assist employers whose contracts with their existing FDHs are about to expire but are in the situation where newly hired helpers cannot fly in to commence the new contract.


Noting that FDHs may be unable to return to their place of origin due to the pandemic there or international travel restrictions, the Government also announced the extension of limit of their stay as visitors.


The Immigration Department will flexibly consider applications from those helpers to extend their stay in Hong Kong for a maximum of one month as visitors to find a new employer in the city if their existing contract is due to expire or is terminated on or before September 30.


For FDHs on a renewed contract with the same employer or due to start a new contract with a new employer upon the expiry of an existing contract, the department will, on individual case merits, exercise discretion to grant an extension to further defer the home leave for not more than three months.


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