Online dispute resolution scheme set

June 29, 2020

The Department of Justice today said a COVID-19-related scheme has been launched to provide speedy and cost effective online dispute resolution services to the general public and businesses.


The eBRAM International Online Dispute Resolution Centre will provide these services under the COVID-19 Online Dispute Resolution Scheme and will operate the scheme independently.


In anticipation of an upsurge in COVID-19 disputes, the Government announced in April the scheme’s establishment under the Anti-epidemic Fund.


In particular, the scheme will serve micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.


It will cover disputes arising out of or in relation to COVID-19 directly or indirectly; cases where the claim amount is not more than $500,000; and cases where either one of the parties to the dispute is a Hong Kong resident or company.


The parties must enter into a dispute resolution agreement under the scheme and pay $200 each as a registration fee.


Fees for mediators and arbitrators will be paid by the Government.

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