Central-Hung Hom ferry service set

June 26, 2020

The Transport Department today announced that the Central-Hung Hom ferry service will commence on June 28.


The ferry route will travel between Hung Hom (South) Ferry Pier and Central Pier No 8 (Western Berth) and will cost $9 per trip for adults.


Fare concessions for children, the elderly and the disabled, as well as monthly ticket concessions, will be provided by the ferry operator.


The basic schedule is every 20 minutes during peak hours from Mondays to Saturdays and every 30 to 50 minutes during non-peak hours, Sundays and public holidays.


After conducting an open tender invitation, Fortune Ferry Company was selected to operate the ferry service. The company was granted a ferry service licence for five years to operate the route.


The operator has carried out enhancement works at Hung Hom (South) Ferry Pier and Central Pier No 8, including the provision of free Wi-Fi, passenger seats, electronic display panels, a public announcement system, turnstiles, fans and luggage storage facilities to offer better services for passengers.


In support of the Government’s development of a smart city, the operator will also disseminate the real-time arrival and departure information of ferry routes via mobile phone applications and open up such data for use by the public under the data.gov.hk portal within six months of the ferry service’s commencement.


For service details, visit the Transport Department’s website.

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