Security law preparations underway

June 24, 2020

Secretary for Security John Lee today said preparations being carried out by the Security Bureau will ensure it is able to discharge its functions and responsibilities when the national security law is enforced.


Mr Lee made the statement after attending a Legislative Council meeting this morning.


He said the bureau needs to wait until the proper promulgation of the law to know its exact content and what it requires the bureau to do.


“The preparation work is to ensure that when the law is promulgated on which it becomes effective in Hong Kong, how we are going to carry out our duties.


“So the preparation work is to ensure that we will be able to discharge the functions and responsibilities. As to how we will carry out those functions and responsibilities, first of all, we will have to wait for the details of the provisions.


“We will basically be doing what the law actually asks us to do. If the current practice satisfies the requirements, then we will be basically carrying out our duties in that way.”

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