2m register for cash payout

June 21, 2020

The Government announced that about two million people submitted electronic registrations through 21 participating banks on the first day of registration for the Cash Payout Scheme.


It added about 8,000 people submitted electronic forms for the scheme through the Hongkong Post website and that the process went smoothly.


The Government explained that a special arrangement has been made under which 1,000 bank branches and 120 post offices over the city opened from 9am to 5pm today to facilitate the submission of paper registration forms.


Registration by paper form will be conducted in three batches according to date of birth. The first batch, people born in 1955 or before, may submit registration immediately.


People may put completed paper registration forms into drop-in boxes at banks and post offices or mail them to GPO Box No. 182020.


The Government noted that people registering in the first two weeks will receive payment or notification for cheque collection simultaneously from around July 20.


It also stated that there is no need to rush to register in the first days or submit registrations in person.


The Government stressed that registering electronically through banks is the quickest and most convenient way to receive payment.


For electronic registrations submitted through banks before the end of this month, payment will be deposited simultaneously into bank accounts specified by the registrants from around July 8.


For electronic registrations submitted on or after July 1, registrants will receive payment around one week after registration.


Registration for the scheme is open until December 31, 2021.


The public may visit the scheme’s website or call 18 2020 for detailed information.

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