Employment agency subsidies set

June 19, 2020

The Labour Department today announced that the Subsidy Scheme for Employment Agencies will be open for applications from June 22 to July 21.


Introduced under the Anti-epidemic Fund, the scheme will grant a $50,000 subsidy for each main licence of employment agencies that provide a foreign domestic helper (FDH) placement service.


For employment agencies which do not provide such a placement service, a $30,000 subsidy will be granted for each main licence.


An additional subsidy of $10,000 will be granted for each duplicate licence for a branch office of both kinds of employment agencies.


An eligible employment agency must hold a valid licence issued by the Labour Department as at May 31, or must have submitted an application for licence renewal to the department as at that date.


If the validity period of the employment agency's current licence is less than two months as at the date a subsidy application is submitted, the employment agency should first submit an application for licence renewal before it submits an application for the subsidy.


The Labour Department will invite licensed employment agencies by post or by email on June 22 to apply for the scheme. Application forms will be available on that date at the office of the department's Employment Agencies Administration and online.


Employment agencies applying for the $50,000 subsidy will be required to declare that they had provided an FDH placement service on or before May 31, and may need to submit documentary proof.


The application must be submitted by the employment agency's licensee. If the agency is a partnership, the application should be submitted by the designated partner with an authorisation letter signed by all partners. If it is a limited company, the application should be submitted by the authorised company director with a company seal affixed on the application form.


The completed application form and required documents should be submitted to the Employment Agencies Administration at Unit 906, 9/F, One Mong Kok Road Commercial Centre, 1 Mong Kok Road by post or in person.


Applications sent by email and fax will not be accepted.


Call 2115 3665 for enquiries.

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