TV scheme helps 10k households

June 14, 2020

The Community Care Fund Digital Television Assistance Programme has received more than 11,500 applications since its launch in January, of which about 10,000 households have had digital TV receivers successfully installed.


The Government launched the scheme to assist analogue TV households in need to obtain digital TV receivers so that they can continue to access local free TV programmes before digital TV broadcasting is fully implemented on December 1.


According to the latest survey, by the first quarter of this year, over 90% of Hong Kong households switched to digital TV, while the number of households still using analogue TV dropped to about 3%.


With less than half a year to go before Hong Kong will enter the era of full digital TV broadcasting, the Government urges analogue TV households that are eligible for assistance to submit applications before the deadline of July 15, 2021.


Analogue TV households benefitting from specified social assistance programmes or are of low-income are not required to go through additional means testing. Eligible households can choose digital TV receivers according to family needs. They are a set-top box, 24-inch digital TV set or 32-inch digital TV set.


Application forms can be obtained from the 100 district service units that assist in implementing the programme and the Home Affairs Enquiry Centres in the 18 districts, or downloaded from the programme website.


Completed forms should be submitted to the service units in person or by post. Within eight weeks after receipt of the application, the electrical appliances contractor will liaise with the applicant and arrange the delivery and installation of a digital TV receiver as well as disposal of the old analogue TV set.


Call 2922 9230 for enquiries.

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