RTHK review team to be set up

May 28, 2020

The Government will establish a dedicated team to review Radio Television Hong Kong’s governance and management.


RTHK’s management and programme contents have aroused wide public concern recently, the Commerce & Economic Development Bureau said in a statement today.


The Communications Authority gave a serious warning to RTHK for its television programme Pentaprism broadcasted on November 20 last year and a warning for the Headliner aired on February 14, urging the broadcaster to strictly observe the Generic Code of Practice on Television Programme Standards.


It also said the Audit Commission made several key recommendations to RTHK in October 2018 regarding its low television ratings and public awareness, programme performance evaluation, procurement of survey services and engagement of contract staff or service providers.


These audit recommendations have not been fully implemented yet, the bureau noted.


The bureau pointed out RTHK must address public concerns over its programmes, governance and management.


It must also follow up on matters proactively and positively and conduct a review to ensure that it fully abides by the RTHK charter as well as complies with the relevant codes of practice issued by the authority.


The establishment of the review team will help RTHK carry out these tasks, the bureau said.


The team’s scope includes reviewing RTHK’s administration, including financial control, human resources management and procurement matters, and reviewing RTHK’s progress in implementing the recommendations of Report No. 71 of the Director of Audit, including the need for a transparent and objective system for setting performance targets and benchmarks for measuring results.


It will also review RTHK’s overall management systems, processes and practices to ensure it fully complies with the charter and the codes of practice on programming standards issued by the authority.


The review team will be led by a senior directorate officer and comprise officers from various grades of the Government and will report to the Permanent Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development (Communications & Creative Industries).


The review will begin in the middle of the year and is expected to be completed by the year’s end.


Members of the review team will not take part in any of RTHK’s programme production or editorial decisions, the bureau added.

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